Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cameras Worth of Tests

Ooof. What a beast of a day. Hiring-ish seminar in the morning, quick trip to to bookstore, afternoon seminar on PE. I didn't even have time to get my medical excuse. Ok it wasn't too bad, and I only pretended to have a question to get out of group jump roping.
Another quick break and it was time for my Wednesday night class. Ooof.
My prof recently moved here from Eugene, OR. I had done a little hand wave of yay and she's like "Did you live there?"
I said "no but they have great yarn shops and this fantastic calzone place." She seemed a bit taken by surprise. She'll get to know me soon enough.
When I got home I registered for some of my last tests. By some I mean 6. Next Wednesday I begin my Praxis tests which are the tests Id need for Colorado and Idaho.
Really, the most depressing thing is that for these blasted tests in all the subject areas for two states I will have handed over the money equivalent of a really. Really. Really. Nice camera. And lens. And class. Alas. Someday. Hopefully, in May, I will be allowed to pay more money to ask "them" to let me teach.

I love the kids. I live for the aha moment. Sharing a love for learning is priceless...

Speaking of the kids. This semester they will not be Jr. Highers as requested. Boo. However, they will be 5th graders. At least I know I'll like them. Or for sure enjoy the subject matter.
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The Luedtke Family said...

Are you sick? Why do you need a medical excuse? I must have missed something. Good luck to you in all you have to do!

JHNickodemus said...

From Jr High to HS I had medical notes to get out of PE. My sister too. Just not my thing the way it went here.

The Luedtke Family said...

On a different topic, I could get used to projects using knitting needles size 19! Only, I read the first 3 rows wrong. I knitted then purled then cabled. I will now try to purl then knit then cable. Hopefully the braided look will come through. Seriously, it's like knitting with a fat poster marker! Fun!

If I don't like the look, at least I have fat training needles for when I want to teach Norah how to knit!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jess! Humor me and take PE :)