Friday, January 20, 2012

Cheers and Sneers

Cheer: Fresh clean flannel sheets and a neatly made bed.
Sneer: My Thursday night class that goes til 9:50, therefore keeping me from said bed and sheets.
Cheer: a super enthusiastic professor with similar ideas to me.
Cheer: Useful seminars pre student teaching.
Sneer: We have to worry about children getting abused and therefore attend a seminar on mandated reporting.
Cheer: Having nice things to put on my resume.
Sneer: assembling said resume.
Sneer: Beginning of the semester parking mess.
Cheer: Tomorrow is Friday.
Sneer: I will still have to pry myself out of bed.
Cheer: I made an apt to have my car worked on Saturday.
Sneer: Those things often cost more than tests and cameras.
Cheer: They usually vacuum and wash my car after maintenance.
Cheer: I will be teaching knitting on Saturday morning at 9 am at the new Starbucks. All are welcome. Even other crafts.
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The Luedtke Family said...

If only I could come for some help! My efforts on the mega cabled scarf do not look as pretty as in the picture! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG???? We have a Starbucks here . . . . teach knitting here . . .

JHNickodemus said...

Hmmmm. We could have a skype session?

The Luedtke Family said...

I think I figured it out! Yeah and double yeah and cabled yeah! I finally truly and really read the instructions, the first cable happened on the first four stitches. I started reading the pattern on my laptop. I figured it out when printed on paper. I guess I am old school and have yet to convert completely to technology.

So, the whole scarf is 12 stitches. Row 3 requires the first four stitches to be cabled in the front. Row 9 requires you to knit 4, cable in the back over 8. I also think I worked my stitches a bit tighter, and they rolled into the braided look a whole lot better. I may try the next scarf with 15 stitches.

Seriously will make 20 of these this year for Christmas gifts. So very fast, easy, fun, and impressive looking! I'll take my 40% off one item coupon to Hobby Lobby and get my chunky yarn every so often for inexpensive gifts! Teacher gifts, Godmother gifts, sister-in-law gifts, Mom gift, niece gifts, friend gifts, just because gifts . . .

Not sure I want pom pons on the ends. Deciding to just wrap tight, add fringe, or other possibility.

Love, love, love the size 19 needle. Serious addiction here.

I should figure out skype. Especially with the camera on my laptop. Perhaps I could chat with my sis in Japan a whole lot more often.