Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Break, Part II

Fantastic news, my blogpress app is back up and running which means soooo are my posts! Yay! Picking the Thankful break recap back up... I made Thanksgiving dinner for me, Luke, Aunt Audrie, Grandpa, Shan, and Weston. Cranberry sauce the night before.

Everything else the day of.

Luke mashed the potatoes and carved the turkey. Day 2 Disneyland sort of a late start as I kind of forgot the tickets the first time we left. Oops. I blame the turkey coma. Went straight to CA adventure and got World of Color tickets. Then hit up CA Screamin'.

Back to Disneyland where we signed up for our !Holliday Tour! And hit up toon town for pictures with Mickey.  Luke saw Donald.

As close as he's gonna get to Oregon for a bit. Then we went to meet up for our tour!!

We got to wear these stylin headphones that played Disney Christmas music between our guide talking.

We learned some main street trivia, an got to try the. Best. Pumpkin. Pie. Fudge. We were skeptical but man this stuff disappeared fast.

Soooo good! Then off to the Mansion where we got to go straight in. Because we were on a tour.

Then we took the train to Toon Town and sang Jingle Bells with our headsets. Yay. Then we went to Small World. Where we got to skip the line again. Woooot!

We had gone in when the sun was in the sky and when we came out it was dark and the whole small world castle was lit up. So magical!

Our tour then made its way to Toon Town where we got hot chocolate in a special mug and a Mickey Mouse Gingerbread.

Luke ate his very strategically.

Lastly, we were escorted to a special section of front row seats for the parade. Our tour guide read us a Walt Disney/Disneyland story. Then, we enjoyed our hot chocolate, gingerbread, and front row parade seats. My favorite part of the parade was the short legged snowmen. They waddled. They were funny.

Then we rushed right over to CA Adventure where we caught a showing of Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It was fabulous!

The next day Luke put up Aunt Audries Christmas lights. He's very particular about how they're folded.

I went with Aunt Audrie to pick out a Christmas tree and since Luke was the tallest he got angel duty.

Next Day: Disneyland Morning Magic, Early entrance.

The weather got to 80 degrees that day. It was gorgeous! The Morning Magic route was the way to go. There was only a 10 minute wait for Space Mountain and that because it took that long to get through the line.

I requested very strongly that we go on the Dumbo ride. It's one of my earliest faint Disneyland memories. You can tell Luke was thrilled.

Now mocking me.

Giving in to boredom.

Luke says this was his first time on the Peter Pan ride.

Remember that picture I posted of the family reading in line. Here's their digital counterpart.

One of our last adventures was a quick trip to the beach.

Where I took these so I could post them on my blog at the appropriate time. Better late than never.

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Candace said...

For some reason your blog didnt update on my side until today - i've been looking at your last november blog for a while. Weird. anyway glad you're back (on my side anyway)Disney Land has always been a dream for me... maybe one day we"ll go!! Its on my all time wish list!!