Saturday, January 7, 2012

Phase 4

Wow. This break has really been what I needed. Break didn't really start 'til after Christmas because my brain was still working. And really, it is kind of rude to the fam to begin my recovery process during the holidays. First, I slept a lot. A lot people. Then, I knit and watched TV. Pawn Stars, Disney Channel's Jessie, and Celtic Woman. I watched that last one several times. It was fantastic. Luke only had to watch it once. I'm now officially rooting for Chloe Agnew(Celtic Woman) and Rory Mcllroy (Northern Irish Professional Golfer) to get married and have happy, accent speaking, singing, golfing babies. Now.... How to introduce them. Anyway, phase three commenced in full force and consists of reading a nice pleasant sort of book. Debbie Macomber's A Good Yarn was just that. Luke and I went on a hike, ate brunch at The Olive Branch, and came home and read. It was way cozy and happy and I finished my book Phase three and four overlapped a bit. Phase 4 has required yeast. A lot of it. And has produced some excellent results.

Homemade pizza. So good. All Recipes "Pizza Dough I" Prego traditional sauce, minced fresh garlic (2 cloves), pepperoni, Lindsay organic olives from Costco hand sliced, and skinny slices of provolone. We both called that a repeater. Next came pumpkin cinnamon rolls from Good Life Eats website. These were recommended to me by Marcy B. I let half rise overnight for the next morning and panned, covered and froze the other half and we enjoyed them today. (Take them out of the freezer after dinner and let them thaw and rise over night.) Between myself, eggplant knitter, Luke and one of his co-workers we all say this is a repeater. Thanks Marcy B! Most recently was today's adventure with Zwiebach! While on a hunt for the Camp Keola I received two recipes and googled another. Wouldn't you know a recipe I came upon while googling was "Grandma Net's". Funny how the Internet makes this world a little smaller. The recipe was posted by Katie at Raindrops on Roses! I sort of blended the recipes and the four of us who dubbed the cinnamon rolls a repeater did the same for zwiebach.

Also, my peppernut stash is getting dangerously low. Hmmmm should I make more? Which leads me to the fact that phase four is not over. But our tummies are full...and lets face it...a bit squishy. How to make the most of this phase without making ourselves sick...or squishy. For those of you waiting to hear from me, please be patient. I think getting my business together will be phase 6? - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


The Luedtke Family said...

My zwiebach did not turn out that pretty, but tasted great!

My peppernuts are my grandma's version, rolled and placed in a pan and more of a bar. Very soft, not a hard little cookie.

Perhaps you could email me your recipes.

Your stockings are beautiful!

Cams said...

Yes, PLEASE make more peppernuts. If you're worried about being too squishy, just give them all to me. :)

I'm also going to need you to make everything before you leave again so I can get my fix when you're not here. :)