Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Dreamed a Dream

Ugh! I am so mad at my dreams! You know those dreams where you don't want to wake up there so good? Mine are not like that. Mine are so WEIRD! They stress me out, and touch nerves and emotions. Yuck. They have also been mixing and combining the weirdest places. Take one of the bizarre ones from last night. Setting: Horse races, hospital care facility, church parking lot My mom was there, I was visiting her to take her out to lunch. We had to sign her out. To sign out she had to tear a tab of this tape tab bracelet. I noticed her skin by the tape was raw and scabby, and she said " My doctors told them I need another kind of bracelet." I said I know. We got to the church parking lot and found our car. No specific make or model. She got in the drivers seat and I got in the passenger seat. There was a white car like the Oldsmobile my parents bought in 1986 parked fairly close and at an angle. Mom wasn't turning the steering wheel hard enough so I kept saying "Stop! Just stop." She looked at me as if surprised and having a realization. Then she started crying and I was just holding her and she was child size and frail and crying. All the while my friend from high school and his dad who we were meeting for lunch (really weird in itself) were standing there by their truck flabbergasted. Then I woke up. Tell me, what do I do with that?! To top it off when I woke up, and woke Luke up to try to tell him, he told me he dreamed he shot me in the toe and his first thought was: "Oh man, I'm never going to hear the end of this from Jess." At which point I laughed out loud. Then I relaxed enough to fall asleep and have more weird dreams. Ugh sleep is way too much work. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Grandma G said...

Supposedly dreams are a way of working through things. It's no surprise that your 'things' would still involve your mom. I've read that when we dream about a child, it's really our inner child, so maybe your comforting this child is a way of giving comfort to yourself... the part of your mom that's a part of you.

I really don't know... just a guess. But healing takes time. Do what ya gotta do to work through those emotions... pray... forgive... let go... share what you're going through.... let yourself be loved.....