Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Zone

I'm in my laaaaaast seminar of the week. I'm zoning.

Things I'm thinking about:
-How happy that picture on my planner makes me.
-I love Luke.
-I'm hungry.
-but not stomach hungry, or even energy hungry. Mouth hungry. For flavors.
-I'm really not sure what flavors I want.
-dinner possibilities. Pizza? It's Friday. Isn't Friday dinner supposed to be indulgent.
-I probably shouldn't eat the amazing Costco Mac and Cheese two nights in a row. Cheese, lactose intolerance meh
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k said...

"Mouth hungry" YES. THIS IS EXACTLY IT.

I am probably mouth hungry 80% of the time, and only stomach/energy hungry the other 20%.

Chris said...

There wasn't much more happening at the other end of the table. Didn't realize till after I'd found my car that today was the last actual seminar we'd all be at as a group. Dammit. There's a few training things but that's it and I'm quite bummed.

Kimberlee said...

Mouth hungry? I love it. Cracks me right up.