Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gold Star Sort of Day

What a wonderful day!!
So far, I have made it to my test.  (An accomplishment on its own as many of you know.)
I was there on time. (There was some discrepancy on the printed admit slip. They said Report at 8 in big bold letters, and then in tiny letters said to get there 30 minutes early. Contradictory? I think so.
Anyway, I took all the sections, almost fell asleep, and PASSED! With flying colors. Like seriously, the margin between my scores and the pass number made me smug. Very smug.

Then I went and picked up some Jamba for me and two very deserving mothers (one just became a mother and the other a grandmother to her first grand daughter!) (Who also sometimes read my blog and never comment. But I like them anyway!) I also am in love with that afore mentioned daughter/granddaughter! She is so tiny and precious! And Cah-yoooooote! Oh she is so cute! With the most elegant long fingers! Anyway yah. I told her mom, "thank you for having a fabulous baby so that I don't have to." In other words, Luke and I are  very much enjoying enjoying other peoples babies (shout out to Gabriel and Mackenzie too!) for the next ten years! ;)

Then I tromped around at Fresno State making sure I have all of my ducks in a row and I have an advising appointment as well. I don't even think class tonight will phase me.

And when I'm done, I'm going to go to the gym. Without complaining. Because after, I'm totally getting some chicken nuggets to celebrate my faaaaaabulous day! The only thing better would be heading home to Lukiepoo after. Alas, cake and eating too? Haha. You can't stomp on my mood.