Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good Eats, Watches, Read, Project

Luke and I are trying to be more purposeful about exploring local restaurants. Our location is a hop skip and a jump from down town and old town so you'd think we'd have been more on top of that. Today, we used the Urban Spoon app spinner and went for it. We ended up Down Town at a place called Nosh on the bottom floors of one of the big buildings right by the Pioneer Museum. We loved it! The flavors were amazing!

Luke had a spicy bison sandwich (top), I had a mushroom Swiss burger with rosemary potato chips and for dessert we got a trio that included a Black Cherry Orange Labna Parfait, Chocolate Pudding with seasonal fruit purée and chocolate pop rocks and my personal favorite Caramel Oreo Cheesecake Pop. So. Good.

Then we went and picked up IV, V, and VI so I could watch 1-6 all the way through. I needed a comprehensive understanding as the bits and pieces I've seen and know are no longer enough for forging academic connections. Let's call it part of the teaching credential process. Speaking of which, I recently finished another Andrew Clements book. He wrote Frindle and is super funny. This one is about a kid who explores a vow of science after researching "some dude named" Ghandi. His class has been dubbed the unshushables. Anyway, doesn't get any better than that. It's a bit slow going at first, but sets you up for the super funny end. And it's a kid level book. Quick, light read.

Sorry the pic is upside down. My phone sometimes rotates images. The backdrop for the book is a project I'm working on for my second cousin's new baby girl. I figured I'd go with Bronco's colors as they're pretty big fans and well their game closest to her birth was a pretty big success! I can't show you the whole picture yet just in case they're non commenting readers! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone