Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sauronistic Semester

Blecharrrggh. My day. I'd been in so much denial about leaving it didn't hit me until last night. We had watched Lord of the Rings on mute while he recited most of the lines and described what was happening and what was left out/the movie didn't flat out say. Speaking of which, is the blog title appropriate or did i butcher that which is LOTR. Baby steps folks. That movie is a plain example of the power of music. Anyway. We finished the movie and Luke said "You should probably pack tonight." Gasp, ugh, noooooo. Reality was upon me. It was especially not pretty at 5:00 AM. Mountain Time. It had snowed and was still snowing a bit when we left. I got to the airport at 7ish. It was stinking cold outside and totally cramped on my mushy sentimental goodbye. Reality of departure and therefore separation set in. My flight was late. I missed my connection. I spent way too many hours in airport chairs. I missed Luke. I just about finished a delicious project made with scrumptious yarn(merino wool and alpaca). Yep I use food words for good yarn.
I tried to deal with some school issues from another state away.
I may or may not have teared up a couple times.
12 hours later I was away from airport and airplane.
Fresno is cold and wet and I haven't seen it in the day yet but I'm pretty sure it's gray too.
My school semester looks like doom and gloom.
I will be on campus tomorrow from 8 am-10 pm. Don't worry. We get 30 minutes for lunch.
One of my seminars tomorrow is on PE. I haven't had time to get a doctor note.
I want to go back.

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k said...

Whenever you have to leave Luke and go back to Fresno, I feel a bit sad for you guys. How hard. : (

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

I have just finished reading all the blogs I missed since the New Year. Blessings to your New Year. You guys can do it! And Jess you are going to be a great teacher!! Janice

Anonymous said...
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Candace said...

So sorry man, i don't know how you do it - leaving your hubby!! Everyday when i go to work i miss mike during the day - all day - and cant wait to see him that evening... so i have no idea how you feel!!

Stephen Greene said...

So sad that you miss being together. Well, at least you're on the right side, the 50 per cent of married folks who remain in love...

Hope the school day goes well for you.

Blessing to you both.