Sunday, January 15, 2012

Phantom Canyon So Gouda

We're still on our restaurant exploring kick. After church we went to Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. downtown. It's a repeater. The menu was a bit limited but it was a good lunch and somewhere I'd take beer interested people like my dad, Uncle Jim, or Luke's friend Kyle, or some New Years beer tasters I know. Anyway the point is, it's right up a lot of people's alleys.

Luke had a 1/2 lb buffalo burger with fries on a pretzel bun. He also happens to be a mustard fan and really enjoyed adding some of this Rail Yard Beer Mustard.

I tried two of the soups. The soup of the day was a Zucchini soup that had a bit of spice. Very yummy! The other was one of their specialties and was a Gouda and Pale Ale soup. It had some potato as well. The flavor was amazing and very rich. So rich in fact that I had some trouble finishing. I may have over stepped some boundaries as I suggested to the server that it be served with a small side of grapes or apple slices.
We finished off with a house rootbeer float. Yum yum!
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The Luedtke Family said...

I heart this:

It is on my wish list. Like major wish list. Like wait for next Christmas. Maybe combine events (Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas) for a bigger gift. I could possibly wait 2+ years for a 40th birthday gift. Or stalk ebay and craigslist and pounce on the first greatest deal. Or find some awesome rummage sale or estate sale find.

Thanks for planting the seed for interchangeable needles. I also lust for crochet hooks like this

And then, a super handmade case to store and tote them all in. Dreamy . . .

And then, a pattern holder with magnet markers linked below,to not fold, wrinkle, and tear my patterns . . . Ahhhh . . .

One can have a wishlist, right?