Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daspletosaurus Makes Attempt at Thievery

Meet the finished Dino quilt!

Inspired by and photographed with the dinosaurs of Woodland Park's

I didn't think to take some close ups of my big stitch hand quilting. Sigh. Generally speaking the back has been preferred by most and it was made with trimmings from the front and scraps. Too funny. Though I confess when I was had quilting and pushing through seams on front AND back there were times I regretted piecing the back.

One of the dinosaurs, a Daspletosaurus, liked the quilt so much he tried to keep it.

He thought his toothy grin would help convince me. He was wrong. I snatched it out of his claws/talons/hands and went back to hang out with the Styracosaurus.

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Emilie said...

Love it!!! It turned out great!