Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Habanero Garlic it Up

First of all when I went shopping the other day I was VERY reminded of the other two states I've lived in!

Also I did some experimenting with a cool food I picked up from Farmers Market. Pickled Habanero Garlic. Let me tell you, I could smell the garlic deliciousness outside the jar!! Anyway it was suggested to my by plant expert Jay N. that I amputate one of the limbs of my basil plant. So I took the leaves from that limb, 5 cloves of habanero garlic, some olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a shake of parmesan (easily left out) and I ground them to a pulp in my cute red food processor.

Then I scooped most of it into this container. It's pretty potent stuff folks!

After that I started experimenting!
First with potatoes! I took some cute little red potatoes also from farmers market. I halved them, boiled the heck outa them and dropped them skins on into the food processor with all the leftover basil garlic sauce. Salted the lot and poured in some olive oil. Food processed the heck out of it and got the gosh gee golly best mashed potatoes ever! (Second to my sister's of course.)

Next day, yesterday, I experimented using the stuff with zucchini and meatloaf. I didn't take hardly any pictures because, well, I didn't know how it'd turn out.
Step 1: lightly olive oil pan
Step 2: chop up zucchini and other squash into smallish chunks.
Step 3:add tablespoon full of basil habanero sauce. Mix with hands until squash are coated with olive oil and sauce has spread.
Step 4: add pieces of butter on top. (I haven't met a dish yet that can't be made better with butter!) and sprinkle with Parmesan. Ok, coat tip with parnsan. Bake at 375 until golden on top.

Sooooo good!
Ok lastly, meatloaf. Not your "Uncle Steves" meatloaf as he would ask "where's the meat."
1.) In bowl add minced zucchini, big handful chopped spinach, one baby carrot chopped finely, half a small onion chopped finely and 2/3 cup fine bread crumbs. Add about a pound of ground beef and mix thoroughly with hands.
2.) Add one egg and healthy pour of milk already whisked together and mix with hands until it looks like precooked meatloaf.
3.) Put into loaf pan and smack(that's the sound it makes haha) it into shape. Bake at 375 with squash. When it's starting to look like it's getting done drain/suction out fat, and bake 'til brown on top. (My serve safe self would have given you an internal temperature. Sorry she's not here right now, I left her in the kitchen and I'm blogging from bed.)

Sooo good folks! It was like a summer rendition of a winter classic! It was not a humble night as I exclaimed how good it was to Luke several times and he heartily agreed.

For dessert? These treats Luke brought home from his busy work week.

My favorite was the chocolate one second in from the right. It had a delicious creamy mousse on the top that melted in my mouth!
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Tanya said...

Oh my goodness!!! This all sounds soooo delish! You are so very creative in your cooking and I think you should make up a cookbook.