Monday, July 4, 2011

Stats on a Great Week

Oh my goodness! I had such the best week scrapbooking with Neola! We both got so much done, I got to meet some of her Grand Junction friends, and we had lots of laughs! When Luke FINALLY got home yesterday I'm pretty sure I did quite a bit of rambling. (Of course the one day we remember to take pictures is the day I throw my hair in a pony and wear a t-shirt and jeans!)

Fun facts from the weekend:
10 hours driving
2 things forgotten pre adventures-paper cutter, sports mania cricut cartridge
4 tape runners were used up
1 Disneyland album was all layed out
2 packs of paper were depleted
5 sets of letters were cricut-ed
4 days of steady "scrapping"
3 pages involving sports

5 trips to pick up pictures
3 sessions with a CM consultant(dealer)

5 visitors who will be sorting pictures with us next time
1 dairy free pizza
1 conversation about toothpaste, more about toilet paper

The sun setting on a great trip!

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Emilie said...

That looks so fun!!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I can't wait to see the fruits of your labor.

I like this post bx when I click on the pix Ut takes me directly to the big version :)


Tanya said...

what a fun and productive weekend!