Tuesday, July 19, 2011

White Hot or Simmering

I have been scrapbooking like a mad woman. I've spent so much time with these pages I'm ready to chuck them over the side of our apartment balcony walkway. My cousin Tanya assures me that I'd regret it if I did. I think she might be right. Not only has my dear husband been putting up with the scariness of this mess:

(Look beyond the table and you'll see that it extends to the entire living room floor of our one bedroom apartment. Try not to judge too harshly. ) But my dear husband has been putting up with the roller-coaster that is my emotion. This week emotion has been making appearances as white hot rage. Ok, more like simmering anger. Anger that my mom is gone, anger that the fabric store lady was ignoring me, anger at having to leave Luke in a month, anger at emotionally stupid people. Unfortunately for Luke it sometimes sneaks out as anger at his driving, or tantrum at the car door that the wind blew shut and hit me on the head or anger at his calling my tantrum a tantrum. You know. This anger may very well be one of the stages of grief. It also may be one of the stages of PMS.
In between these interesting times I really have enjoyed reliving the summer of wedding and receptions via scrapbooking. We also went to a midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie and joined a University of Idaho alumni group (including Luke's parents) in attending a Colorado Rockies game!

Also I ate a popsicle that matched the page I was working on at the time.

It's the little things folks!
Oh, but one BIG thing:

Our wedding scrapbook is done! Engagement, bachelorette party, shower, golf outing, rehearsal, setting up, bagels, ceremony, reception, honeymoon, our first "home" Idaho reception California reception. Whew. It's all in there, journaled and page protectors on! *disclaimer: I am still trying to round up a handful of photos but I'm not gonna let that keep me from declaring done*
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k said...

I know the rage; it comes and goes.

I wish we lived closer as I LOVE looking at scrapbooks.

Candace said...

Well done on finishing your wedding scrapbook!! It is going to be looked at so much and enjoyed so much!

Eeesh, its never nice for a tantrum to be called a tantrum hey - been there, done that - it is so normal with us woman :)

Grandma G said...

Yay on finishing the scrapbook! And it wasn't even the last thing you ever did! Double yay!! ;)

The best way to get through something is simply to go through it. Give yourself permission to feel the way you feel. But be careful who you take out the rage on... it's not good for new husbands. ;) Just remember... this, too, shall pass.

Hugs for the hard times.....