Saturday, July 9, 2011

Leave the Light On

Pause the golf, pause the biking and check out this bomb-diggity pillowcase my Aunt Maggie made me!

I have been not so subtly eyeballing, admiring, and threatening to steal this fabric from her stash.

You'd think I'd have enough resemblance to it in my life already.
Shower curtain:



Even dishes!

But no. This splendid pillow case (special love present from my Auntie) makes my heart happy! Thanks Aunt Maggie!

Ps. Do you think it will bother Luke if I sleep with the light on so I can look at it?
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Tanya said...

Wow! I had no idea that you had so many things that would match your new pillowcase. Yay for perfectly personality matched gifts! I'm sure Luke is so tired right now from all his long hours that he won't even notice if the light is on or not...go for it!

Maggie said...

Hey Jess! I'm so glad you love it! Hope it reminds you of how much I love you. *HUG*

Maggie said...

Hey Jess! I'm so glad you love it!