Thursday, July 28, 2011

Skirting Around the Issue, and Giveaway 2

My cousin Jacquie and Jenny over at Bobbins and Boys have been making some pretty fantastic clothes. I'll be honest. Clothes scare me. Sure I'm not afraid to try the latest in paper piecing but that's flat. Throw in a dart or a gather and now were talkin three dimensional! Eeeek! BUT they've inspired me. I CAN DO IT! Or at least I'll get poked to death by pins trying!
Well my mom was a clothes making guru. (Sort of comes with the territory of a Home Ec degree) She and I had purchased this grey tweedy fabric together and planned on making some cute "work skirts." As we now know, THAT didn't quite work out. Since I've had this summer to sew I finally dug out the fabric and the patterns and got to work.

I learned a few things along the if one part is going to be bigger than the other let it be the lining because some extra gathers on the inside won't show the way they will on the outside.

I also learned that the invisible zipper foot is my true life BFF.

I learned that lesson a little late.
I also learned scraps can make some cah-yoooot accessories!

I put alligator clips on them so i can wear it in my hair OR if I want to wear it on clothes or a bag I can safety pin my shirt and use the clip to attach it!

I also made an attempt a a full circle skirt... But I made my inner circle cut too big (the middle of the donut) so now I have a full circle gathered skirt. I'm gonna get dizzy spinning in that one!

Yay for pins!
Much to the dismay of my sister and husband my Birkenstocks came yesterday! Yay!

After seeing them in two fashion magazines I disregarded all input from Val and Laura. As Luke says, at least they're better than crocs.
While the gathered full circle skirt began hanging last night to let the bias stretch I started this "Lipstick Skirt". This is my kind of clothes making! It reads like a quilt pattern, and you use your rotary cutter! AND it's FAST!

I had started it at about 6 and finished it by 9:30. Check it out folks. It's called The Lipstick Skirt and it's by Bananafana.
I've got another giveaway! I'm giving away one of my flower clips!

To enter, just leave a comment by 11pm on Monday, August 1st. You don't need to have a blogger account to enter,(check the box to comment anonymously and sign your name at the bottom) just make sure you check back to get me your mailing info if you did win!
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cameron roof said...

super cute Jess!! and personally, I like your new berks ;-) (sorry Val)

The Luedtke Family said...

Yeah, clothes scare me too. I like the etsy type of patterns for little girls. Haven't ventured into my clothes. I figure if I never can predict the size in stores, how will I guess on a pattern? What is made may be different than how it fits!

Anonymous said...

Love your shoes! They are so cute! Nikki would love the bow! Also, what is your address as Nikki wants to write you again & I couldn't find it to give it to her!

Jennifer Linares

Emilie said...

You never cease to amaze me Jess! Love the skirts! And I can't imagine a better pair of feet for those berks then yours! :) Sending lots of hugs your way!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the skirts, can i place an order haha
anddd the shoes aren't that bad and i def agree with lukey luke that they are WAY better than crocs

Kimberlee said...

I like the shoes Jess, I'd wear them. But I've never been one to take fashion advice from. :)

Candace said...

I love clothes - buying them for sure but not making them!! I used to make my own clothes (with the help of my mom) and i loved it... that was about years ago BUT would love to get back into it!!
Skirts and tops with the material that i love....
Hmmmmm, maybe that should be my next project!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration! The flower would go with my black and white dress :)