Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Such is the Life of a Golf Pro's Wife

The madness has begun. I thought I hardly saw Luke before, but yesterday I dropped him off for work at 5:50 AM (Parking is a MESS!) and picked him up at 10:30 PM! I'm not even taking the time to do the math. Poor guy, he just dropped off to sleep as soon as he got home! (Don't worry, I got all my words in edgewise during the drive. I also learned on the ride home that nothing was on TV because yesterday was practice/warm-up/something. I learned that holidays are the best day's to do laundry. In addition to all those things I think I've concluded that sitting on my front porch sipping a "Root Beer Float"  watching all the city's fireworks from afar is better than trying to deal with crowds, parking, and crying children I don't know. (I don't so much mind the crying children I do know, for the record.) Also, I'm really glad I'm not working this summer. 1.) I'd never have seen Luke and 2.) Our apartment would be horrendous, and we'd have mountains of laundry, a smelly sink full of dishes, and too many unpaid bills (lack of organization).


The Luedtke Family said...

We walked to our friend's party. Who lives on the park that does fireworks. And walked home after the show. We learned that people park 2-3 blocks from our house to walk to the fireworks. Up close with no traffic. Brought the ear muffs. No crying children. Once lil' miss realized that the noise was all for bright colors and sparkles, the fear of the noise disappeared instantly! The best part, two sleeping kiddos in the double bike trailer upon arriving home!

The Luedtke Family said...

apartment living requires more frequent straightening. I remember that just a few things out of place made the apartment look completely disorganized. Flat surfaces are just magnets for piles of paper.

Our little house is constantly cluttered. Many little hands moving many little things.

Anonymous said...

Shod lAv cutie