Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yarn Bombing

Yesterday was National Knit in Public/National Yarn Bombing Day! We (The Stitch Wits and library teen group) met at the library to assemble our yarn graffiti! These two were already working when I arrived!

Here we are seaming my piece to the others!

It's on! Here's our wonderful librarian coordinator! She's one of the coolest, warmest, caringest people you'll ever meet! After being gone all school year she made me so welcome it was like I'd never left!

Here's our whole group of yarnies!

Did I mention the teens helped assemble and pom pom?

Remember how Mark, my brother in law, and I spent the day watching Bones an making yarn graffiti? Here is his piece decorated with some flowers and leaves! Can you spot it?!

How about a closer look?

This friend from Stitchwits is a flower expert! I gave her Marks brown piece and she jazzed it up!

What a fun afternoon!! I was so giddy the whole time!
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The Isaacs said...

That is really neat- how did you get hooked in with that group- did I miss that post? And I must say that I'm impressed that your bro-in-law knits!

JHRME said...

I don't exactly remember how I found the group. I had been asking around. I went to one meeting am was hooked! Technically Mark crochets but yah its kind of fun to share te hobby with him! He's made some pretty cool little animals and hats!

Tanya said...

Looks like fun! you guys got some really good coverage!

Anonymous said...

you are just so cute! how come nobody makes me any crocheted (sp?) animals...

Anonymous said...