Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Blog: Sweet Tooth

This story begins with our friend Laura whose brother is graduating from dental school next week. In preparation for celebrating his accomplishments, Laura wanted to bake themed cookies—teeth cookies to be precise.

So we set out on a mission today to find a tooth-shaped cookie cutter. Shouldn’t be too hard right? WRONG!

First we marched to Sur La Table to scour their expansive collection of cutters. Twenty minutes and two dollars later, we had Texas Longhorn and Texas state shaped cutters but no tooth. Disappointed but not discouraged, we headed to Michael’s. On the way, Val called JoAnn’s with no luck and even called GW School Supplies thinking that people throw “Teeth Parties” for kids who lose their first tooth. If you can imagine, GW did not have a tooth cookie cutter. Shocker.

After Michael’s failed us as well, we took more extreme measures. We headed to Lowe’s in search of a thin strip of metal for Matt to shape into our own molar. A few of Val’s tools, some patience and a little muscle later, this is what Matt created.

Not bad right?! Who knows, if Matt’s hospital administration career doesn’t work out, he might have a career in cookie cutter creation.

Once it was done, Laura had to come over for a practice run. Mind you she didn’t even bring a rolling pin and Val had already packed hers away, so we used a peanut butter jar. It was a creative day all the way around.

After a successful dry run and a full night of rest, Laura woke up early the next morning to start baking the real deal.

Even Laura's Dad, DDS, got involved. He made some, well, artistic additions to his cookies resembling actual dental problems Laura’s brother may face in the near future. The one below is an abysess. Let’s hope eating these delicious cookies doesn’t cause one of those!

And so our sweet tooth adventure comes to an end. If anyone is looking for a tooth cookie cutter, just let us know!

--Laura, Matt and Val


Anonymous said...

We're cool! And clever! And crafty!

JHRME said...

Ah! I love it guys! Too cool! I laughed a lot!

Tanya said...

Wow! Yeah. Very Cool! And Clever and very crafty. I am super impressed and am sure that there was much hysterical laughter going on whilst creating these sweet tooths...

Becca said...

ahh! so cute!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!

Sherri J.