Friday, June 24, 2011

Plarn Bags- Going Bag on my Word

I really can't decide what kind of tutorial to give you for making a bag. Each bag I've made has come out different! Here's the bag I made with the plarn product featured in the plarn making post. That whole bag was made with the bags that filled a cupboard in one of Luke's college apartments.

What I like about this bag is the dense basket-like structure, that it's size reminds me I'm only buying veggies and fruit for two, an that it can double as a lunch bag or even a knitting bag because it's so dense.

I started this bag last night. Instead of quartering the bag when I cut loops I cut it into 6ths(this made the Plarn more fine), and this time I tried knitting. I modified a pattern I found on Ravelry to make it smaller. *Remember* Plarn stretches. Your bag will grow more than you think.

I used about two of my packets of bags until I had a ball this big:

Funny, I still had this much left.

Really I just kind of make things up as I go. If anyone out there begins to try this adventure an wants me to kind of write up a formula for the bag they want just comment or send a message! You should probably stay tuned because there's a high chance I'm going to be swimming in bags soon and needing to do a give away or two. Yes, it will require commenting. Don't worry though, commenting doesn't require an account.

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sewtakeahike said...

how fun! I love doing things like this that recycle. Nice bag!

Anonymous said...

cute dress schnooks. valpal

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! So creative!! I love the bag you gave Christa. I haven't found a tutorial on making that. Can you tell me where to find it. I found the one about cutting the bags. Do you ever sleep?
Debbie B.