Saturday, June 25, 2011

One in Every Color-Golf Shirts

The golf course Luke is currently working at is hosting the Women's Open this year. Which of course means all the pros need a new shirt for each day!

The colors really are quite striking. Actually most golf clothes are vibrant and pretty which is why next year I plan on making an Easter egg to resemble each one of Luke's work shirts past and present next year.
In case you plan on watching the open and keeping your eye out for Luke, here are the days he will be wearing each shirt:
Monday, July 4
Tuesday, July 5
Wednesday, July 6
Thursday, July 7

Friday, July 8
Saturday, July 9
Sunday, July 10
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Anonymous said...

I want the Saturday shirt! Can we arrange for that to happen?


Becca said...

how fun! you would love those shirts, hahaha

The Isaacs said...

What? Nothing patriotic for the
4th of July! Ha!