Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plastic Bag Bag-Plarn

That may seem like a redundant title but this post is all about bags made out of plastic bags. They had sort of slipped my mind because I hadn't used them in a while, but when I took one to the Farmers Market last Saturday I knew I needed to get the rest of them out! They're so light and structured it makes carying them easy and not at all like a burden. When I was looking for a  batting I had tucked away for my dino quilt I found a batting, my bag bags, AND my box full of folded bags. Time for my first tutorial!!!


Here are all some of the bags I've been saving for this project. They take up less space when folded and I like  having them grouped by type so I can use the same kind in one bag or make a design.
 My neat box of folded bags is a far cry from what I found at Luke's apartment back when I took the pictures for the plastic yarn (plarn) making tutorial.
Step one is to fold the bag the long way (hotdog style) as pictured in the picture below on the left.
Then, as pictured on the right, cut  off the bottom and the handles and quarter what's left.

 The quartered pieces when opened up are loops. Connect the loops as pictured below. I don't know the name of the technique the best way I can relate it to you is how you connect rubber bands.
 Keep connecting them to make a longer and longer chain. (See below.)
 Then start winding it up into a ball.
To make a bag you'll need a ball approximately the size of a volleyball.
If you're wanting a bag like this I totally encourage you to make one! I know that many of you take your own bags to the store and don't have plastic bags laying around. If you would like me to send you a bundle of bags  to get you started or would even like me to send you a ball of PLARN (plastic yarn) I would be happy to do so for the price of shipping. If you are wanting a bag that you don't make get a hold of me and we can work something out! Making a bag tutorial to come tomorrow!
***Added Later in the Day***
Starting at the top and working left to right in rows
Row 1: Target, Target, Target, King Super, King Super
Row 2: Walmart, Walmart, Misc. Blue, Albertsons, JoAnns and random green, Grey and Silver
Row 3: Bed Bath and Beyond, WinCo, WinCo, Misc. "skeins" and stack, Tans
Row 4: Black White and Red, Vons and Safeway, Savemart, Savemart, Savemart, Savemart
Row 5: Savemart, Savemart, Savemart


Tanya said...

Love this picture tutorial! I have GOT to make one of these. My problem is that I always feel bad stealing the orange selling bags...even if they're the ones I get at the grocery store. Looking forward to the making tutorial too!

k said...

This is so cool! The red circle Target bags will make a neat bag.

Grandma G said...

Interesting! Never heard of this before. I'm looking forward to seeing how it's done!

Too bad I just took in a bag of bags for recycling, but I may have enough left. They accumulate fast!

Tanya said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue bag!