Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Good to Have a Lot

I just watched a show about hoarders and shopaholics whose homes turn into uninhabitable places as a result of a need to buy and keep stuff. Nothing like that to inspire me to go finish a project and get rid of some stuff!
It also makes me glad that Val and I have made sure to do our sorting in phases and revisit boxes we've gone through. We've been able to realistically assess what's special and sentimental and whats excessive.

I have found one thing I'm definitely holding onto and keeping on hand:

These chips are sooooo good! I had tried them at our Costco but I didn't want their variety box. When I found them at my grocery store I picked out my flavors of choice. Luke was watching a movie when I got home and asked why I bought so many chips. I popped a BBQ flavor chip into his mouth and his eyes got all big and he didn't ask any more about it. Maybe I shouldn't have let him try one... Now I have to share.

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Tanya said...

I feel that it's completely reasonable to stock up on something you love that's hard to find...Luckily you're in the right spot to get lots!